Service to Seniors Appreciation Program


towards a Down Payment on a Home

Every day in our business we are honored to meet people dedicated to the care of older adults -- working in many different jobs.  We appreciate their hard work - often for a lower salary than they could make in other careers and would like to be able to show our appreciation in some way.

As Realtors of course we can best do that through real estate.  So, we have decided to help these dedicated professionals achieve their dream of home ownership by contributing up to $5,000 to be used as part of a down payment or to help toward closing costs. (when buying or selling a home over $300,000 through us.  When purchasing a home priced lower than $300,000 the gift will be slightly less.)

Also, you won't have to talk to multiple lenders to find the best loan.  Our preferred lender will  pre-qualify you for your loan giving you a significant advantage when submitting an offer on the home of your dreams.  

We are talking to other members of our Trusted Resource Team and hope to be able to announce other contributions soon.

In the meantime don't wait, give us a call and lets find you your dream home!

                                                                          Liz Houghton  

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