Your kids are in college - or have moved away from home. You're "Empty Nesters" wanting to travel more, or you just don't enjoy all of the chores associated with keeping up a large home like you used to. Now is the time to make one phone call.

Really, even if you are a year or more away from making a decision to move and just want to find out what may be involved - what you should do first and learn about various options in other places to live.

Call us at 760-802-2798 for an informational conversation.

You owe it to yourself to find out how to make it all happen - particularly if simply thinking about it

is exhausting and overwhelming.

Then, if you have questions (like the ones below) you know whom to call, someone to help you make a plan.

Should we upgrade that bathroom?
If we do, how much more money could we get for the house?
How much will it cost to do the work?
Who do we get to do the work?
How do we know if they do good work and are trustworthy?
How do we find out the value of family heirlooms?
Should we have a garage or an estate sale - and what is the difference?
What should we donate - throw out - or sell?
How do we decide which furniture items to take to the new place?
How do we find movers that will respect our cherished items?
The kids now live out of state but say they want some of their stuff sent to them.
We have moved so many times and really don't want to pack everything again.
Is a Reverse Mortgage something we should consider?
Should we use some of our equity to invest in real estate?

OK, so you don't really want to think about all of this. You probably don't want to think about a storm damaging your house either but you probably still have insurance - just in case.

It really is a good idea to think about it and let us help you plan so you won't be forced to do everything in a short period of time - if something happens that makes it necessary.

For those of us over a certain age, the selection of a home in which to live, often involves the consideration of features other than a great view or ease of access to work.

And, perhaps you have older parents that you may want to incorporate into a new home by finding one with an In-Law Suite or Guest House.


Too many decisions to be made? Where do you start? Who should you call?

Call Liz at 760-802-2798 or send her an email if you prefer.

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