Finding Just The Right Home



We will use a combination of good old fashioned driving neighborhoods and the most advanced on-line searches to find you homes to tour.

Typically, we prefer to have a personal meeting with you to start with so we can chat about your goals and really listen to what you want in a new home instead of doing it while driving. We do realize that sometimes we need to find the right neighborhood or area of town first and then look for a home once that is decided.

If you are looking for a home after years in a large home it is difficult to know for sure what you want until you know what your options are.  And if you haven't looked at homes for a while, you will want to see what's available.  We get it.


That's another reason why an initial meeting over coffee or lunch is a good place to start. We can get to know each other a little and decide if we think working together will be a good fit. If not, we can go our separate ways with no hard feelings or wasting your time.

Looking at homes and finding the right one is the fun part - but of course there is much more involved in your journey to owning a new home.

Once we find you "the ONE" we will go to work and negotiate the best deal for you - while making sure your rights are protected at all times. We will help you find the best loan too if you need one - so there is no need to shop for a loan before we get started.   


Our innovative, open and transparent loan process allows you to.... compare multiple loan and interest rate options all in one place including a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage which allows you to eliminate mortgage payments....

Through education and transparency, our home buyers gain a high level of control and trust and feel empowered to make the very best decisions.

Take the first step towards owning a new home by making just one call to Liz Houghton at (760) 802-2798

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