Senior Move Management

Long before you're ready to move the furniture and accessories you have chosen for your new home onto a truck, you have decisions to make.  

We will help you decide which pieces to take with you by drawing up a floor-plan - which will also help the unpackers at the new home  place your furniture where you want it.

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Once you have decided exactly what you would like to have in your new space we can start to think about holding an Estate Sale,  donating  things to a favorite charity and what to pack ready to go.  The most important point to make is that you don't have to do a thing - except point at what to pack!

We will have our team professionally pack everything that is going with you, load it onto a truck, unload it at the other end and place the furniture according to the floor plan.

If you are moving within the local area we can have a handyman hang pictures and install window treatments for you if you wish.  And if you are moving out of state we will refer you to someone to help - and manage it all for you......