Are You Considering Moving to Another Area of the Country?

If so, please give us a call so that we can help you discover all of the options available to you - whether you are moving for a new job, to be close to the kids and/or grand kids or just to find a less expensive cost of living alternative - we can help you.

Even if you are not ready to buy and prefer to rent until you decide to make the move permanent - we will help you find the right place.

Call Liz on her cell at 760 - 802 - 2798

And if you have a home to sell and decisions to make about what to bring with you, we will draw up a floorplan for  you and refer you to someone in your area that does what we do - so you have a "one call does it all" solution.

From estate sales to minor repairs, and movers that will pack your stuff, move it safely and then unpack and place the items based on your floorplan - and even take away the boxes so that you feel settled into your new home.

Our goal is to get you ready for the Next Chapter of Your Life no matter if that is in Southern California or elsewhere in the country.  We have trusted professionals in other states we can work with to coordinate your entire transition.

Let's Make a Plan

It's never too early to think about what you may want to do when you're ready to move to a home more suited to the next chapter of your life.

It is hard to decide what to do if you don't know your options.  Unlike most realtors, we are trained to understand the various types of retirement communities from a low maintenance condo to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.  We learned about these options when we made the decision to focus our business on working with older adults, and boomerAgers.

We are in the process of visiting and reviewing many of the new communities being built in the area and will be adding those reviews to this site as soon as they are complete.

In the meantime for information call 

Liz at (760) 802-2798

or email [email protected]