Prepare A Home to Sell - or Not.

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Home "Audit" and Current Market Analysis

One of the first things to do is to find out how much your home is worth in the current market.

We will be happy to schedule our customized "Home Audit" for you FREE of charge.  You often need to have this piece of information before you can make many of the other decisions that have to be made.  We understand.  

Learn How to Renovate or even Remodel a Home Prior to Sale Without Having to Pay for Repairs until Close of Escrow.

Selling "As Is" or Make Repairs

When selling a home you always have the choice of selling it "as is" - which means you don't want to do any work to it, upgrade the kitchen or bathrooms,  or refresh the paint in an effort to sell the house for more money.   

This is absolutely your choice and we will work with you whatever you decide.

But, if you should decide you would like to consider painting or upgrading the home, we can provide options and estimated costs - and refer you to contractors and other professionals that we have worked with in the past and are confident will do a good job for you.

Home Staging & Re-Design

Staging a home before it goes onto the market is proven to sell a home faster and for a higher price.

Re-Design is what designers call using the furniture and accessories already in the home  - or, perhaps reducing the amount of furniture and personal photographs in order to show off the best features of the house.       MORE.....

Pre-Sale Inspection

Home Inspections typically are conducted after you have an offer from a potential buyer.  In some cases, it may be a good idea to have an inspection done prior to putting the home on the market.  That way you are aware of any potential issues that could reduce your sales price and take care of them ahead of the inspection.  

What our clients have said about us..

“Elizabeth really listened to what I wanted in a new home 

when I arrived from Texas.

My situation was stressful because we had moved from out of state because of my wife’s need to enter a Continuing Care Community and we had way too much “stuff” to move into the tiny place I could afford on top of the monthly fees for my wife’s care.

Elizabeth helped me determine what would make me feel most at home and I told her if I could be on top of a hill with a nice view, a breeze and a nice shady place to sit outside I could live in something much smaller than I was used to.  I also had to be within a few miles of my wife so I could see her every day.

 And the next day she showed me a place that had everything on my list. But, I couldn’t believe it was that easy, so she patiently showed me several other places over the course of the next week.

As I grew to know Elizabeth better - as she helped me find a loan and work out what furniture I could keep with me in my much smaller place - I learned that it had only seemed  easy because she had apparently looked at everything that came onto the market she believed may be right for me.

I’ll never buy another home without her and you shouldn’t either.” 


                                                                                                                                R. Taylor

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