Summary of Services We Offer

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when you buy or sell a home with us

Packing is just the first part of your move. You'll need someone to move your treasured belongings, unpack and place your furniture at the new home too.....

There are many moving parts to a decision to downsize or move to a senior community and we can help you with all of them.  Let's make a plan first - because it's hard to make the best decision without first knowing your options

Prepare Home for Sale

We can sell your home "as is" if you prefer not to take on any work - or live in a house while repairs are being done.  Or - if you can move to your new place prior to selling - we can make repairs or even take on  a complete remodel - so you will be able to sell your home for more money.

Find the Right Home

There is exactly the right home for you somewhere - and we'll find it.  As soon as we know what you're looking for we can go to work to find it.  Then we'll negotiate the best possible purchase price for you, manage the deadlines, contingencies, inspections and everything else that must be done to make sure your rights are protected.  

Sort / Pack / Move /Unpack

There is more to Downsizing than just packing everything and moving.  There are decisions to be made about what to take, what to sell and what will realistically fit into the new space.  So, we'll sort, pack and move your treasured belongings to the new location, unpack and place the furniture for you.


Making a floorplan of the new space is the best way to know for sure what will fit in it.  You don't want to take too much "stuff" with you as it makes living in the new place stressful.  So, we will prepare a floor plan and work with you to decide what to take.

Estate Sale

We have several different Estate Sale professionals we can recommend depending upon the type of things you are selling.  The sale should be scheduled at just the right time between knowing for sure what you want to take with you - and having to empty the house.  We will fit it into the right order of things to do.

Contract Negotiation

As you know there are a large number of documents, contracts, disclosures, contingencies and inspections to take care of when buying or selling a home and we will manage all of it in order ti reach a smooth closing - on the right date to fit into your schedule.

Clean House 

After you have moved what you are taking with you to your new home, sold most of the rest at an Estate Sale and donated the few left over items to charity, the house will be cleaned and left in good condition.

Move In to New Home

If you're moving within San Diego or Orange County we will deliver your possessions to the new home, unpack everything  and place the furniture where you want it.  And then we can remove the packing materials.

When you are moving out of state we can refer you to a company in the area that will be able to unpack at that end and coordinate everything from here.

Furniture Placement

This is where the floorplan comes in useful to help us place the furniture for you as we planned with you weeks before.  And if you are moving out of state we will make sure the company handling your settling in stage has the floorplan so they don't have to keep asking you what goes where.



when you buy or sell a home with us

What Liz's Clients are saying...

"I hadn't had a good experience with realtors in the past and because of that was trying to sell my home "For Sale by Owner" when I met Elizabeth.

After that first meeting I called her several times with questions and she answered them all - without pressuring me to list my house with her.

So, after several weeks without an offer, I called Liz and asked her to sell it for me. She helped me take care of a few things around the house including moving furniture - which she called re-design. She felt the furniture was too large for the house and it didn’t show the house at its best.

I had 2 big dogs and Liz even went over to take them for a walk whenever there was a showing because she thought they may scare some people.

She sold it within a week for the full asking price - which was more than I had been trying to get for it by selling it myself!

Liz found me the perfect home in the exact area I wanted so when, 18 months later I moved 200 miles to be closer to my aging parents - she even took a road trip with me to find my new place. And she drove all that way a second time to attend the home inspection.

And oh, BTW, she sold my second house at a profit too. WOW".